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September 2012

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Welcome to all our new Clifton Views residents we hope you enjoy living at Clifton Views.


9th September 2012 – Taste of the Tablelands – Food and Wine – come dressed for a garden party and enjoy a lazy lunch and glass of wine, locally inspired and international cuisines are on offer – for more details go to www.tastesofthetablelands.com or phone 07 4091 7757 or 0407 112 712 – Atherton Chinese Temple Grounds - $8.00 per person.

13th September 2012 – NFSA Big Screen Film Festival – Babinda – Arts and Cultural – The screening of “The Sapphires” (PG) at the Munro Picture Theatre – call 02 82020107 or www.nfsa.gov.au/bigscreen – tickets $7.00 per person

15th September 2012 – Rosa by Roz Pappalardo  - Theatre – Roz Pappalardo plays “ROSA” from Sicily to Mena Creek – for more enquiries call 07 4050 9444 – or www.jute.com.au/whats-on/2012Rosa.php

19th September 2012 – Boy Girl Wall – Theatre – Centre of Contemporary Arts – 07 40509400 – www.artscairns.com.au – tickets range from $24 to $29 – Critics and audiences have been raving about Boy Girl Wall since it first hit the stage in 2009.  Sell out seasons in Brisbane and Adelaide.

22nd September 2012 – Dorothy the Dinosaur – for the Kids – Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Beach Party is the stompy-wompy show full of super sandy songs that will fill you day with sunshine! – tickets $22.50 (adults and children) – starts at 10.00am – at Brothers World of Entertainment  - or call Brothers for more information.

If going to the Races this month ENJOY, we do certainly live in a beautiful part of the world and we all should take every opportunity to see and explore our local area.

Doug – our night manager and caretaker has asked me to put the following notes in, this is from Doug himself:

Please remember that Doug’s residence is a PRIVATE residence – if you need to contact us after hours please call the emergency mobile number – this is for emergencies ONLY

0488 553 109


From Doug

Due to an increase in unit occupancy and the subsequent increase in vehicles traveling through the Complex it has become a lot more dangerous for the children playing on the roads, especially in the area around the Fountain and Office. There have been a substantial amount of near misses lately and we ask that all children please avoid this area unless supervised by an adult.

I (Doug) have been spending an awful lot of time lately picking up rubbish around the Complex and my time is better spent in doing the gardening and other necessary and allocated tasks.  It would be appreciated if adults and children could be reminded about putting rubbish in the bins provided and cigarette butts not dropped onto the ground.

The Playground as stated on the signs on the fence is not to be used by any child under the age of 16 unless accompanied by an adult.  This is for safety reasons.  It would also be appreciated if parents could ask their children not to put rocks, branches or other items in the sand area as this makes a mess and can also lead to an accident – which did occur recently when a child fell and hit their head on a rock.

Children are still not wearing safety gear when riding bikes and scooters.

Stairwells in some blocks are a starting to look like a ghetto – PLEASE refrain from leaving bikes, scooters, RUBBISH, shoes (unless tidy) outside doors in stairwells.  This is certainly a safety issue to people walking in and looks dreadful.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to clean your stairwell areas up!  RUBBISH IS NOT TO BE LEFT OUTSIDE OF YOUR DOORS IN YOUR STAIRWELL AREAS.  Thank you!!

My role within the complex is Night Manager/Caretaker – I do not and cannot help anyone with rental problems or maintenance within your apartments.  So please do not let me know about your dishwasher problems, exhaust fan problems etc as you need to speak to Alison or Grant in the office.  Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter – we are getting really full in Clifton Views now and we need to enforce the by-laws so all can live happily ever after!!




CCTV Cameras


CCTV cameras are now installed at the front gates and around our office.  Signage will soon be erected to notify everyone that this has happened.

Police are aware of the cameras and will be investigating all footage if damage occurs to these areas.

Please remember Clifton Views is not 100% secure – you still need to LOCK your apartments LOCK your cars, DO NOT leave anything valuable in stairwells or unlocked e.g. bikes, scooters.

PLEASE know where your children are at all times, be with them when they are playing outside – ANYONE can follow a car in here and abduct a child or adult!!!  Please don’t think this cannot happen as we see it does happen all too often on the news.  Thank you!



In the coming months we will be obtaining quotes to have the gardens re-mulched.

Before the wet season we hope to have the rock wall near block 19 raised as in the wet season last year we had some water issues from the creek.

Once the creek has dried out we will be getting the creek cleared – let’s hope it stays dry for another few weeks so this can happen.  The Body Corporate has engaged an outside company to do this job and they are waiting for the creek to dry completely.

Line marking has come to a halt as the company we engaged has not been able to return.

We endeavor to get quotes and approval to remove all birds’ nests from all buildings.

Please remember we need all this maintenance to be approved by our Body Corporate Committee – this does not always happen quickly or at all.  They too have budgets to work to when spending Owners Body Corporate Levies.

Sometimes their decisions are out of our hands.


A reminder!!!!




Several complaints have been received direct to our Body Corporate Manager – he has written to us and asked us to pass on to all residents that if you are hanging washing in your balcony area please ensure the balcony doors (wooden white doors) are shut at all times so washing cannot be seen from another apartment.

We understand that the rising cost of electricity stops us from using our dryers when we can – we ask you simply to close the Lanii doors (shutters) to your balcony when hanging washing out.

No towels or washing to be hung over any balcony at any time or outside your bedroom on balconies.  Thank you!


Please treat the round-about near the water fountain as a round-about!  Same road rules apply as if you were driving on the highway or street with a round-about!

Most of our residents enjoy apartment living and like the fact that these simple rules are enforced.  Please make the choice if you don’t like these few simple rules then maybe a house is better suited to your needs and living enjoyment.

We as the onsite managers and caretakers would like to spend more time on making our complex one of the best Complexes to live in – not constantly putting out fires regarding parking, noise, rubbish and washing!


As you all are aware Body Corporate By-Laws state that all parties/noise is to be turned down at 11.00pm.  If we are called to attend a party or excessive noise after 11.00pm a call out fee of $80 will apply.  We encourage you to be able to approach the persons responsible in a calm manner to ask them to turn the noise down.  A CALM MANNER is the best approach – being aggressive and threatening will only fuel the situation.  If you are going to have friends over – let your neighbors know – and after 11.00pm take the party elsewhere or turn it down and go inside and shut the glass sliding doors!  We are all living in close proximity to each other – this is community living and common courtesy is essential when it comes to noise.  Everyone’s tolerance is different.

If necessary call the Police but remember the Police have a very important job and their resources are best used not on noise control!

Our monthly newsletter is something that we do ourselves at our own cost and our own time – we do this voluntarily.


If you witness any illegal behavior call the Police immediately.

Smithfield Police Station 4057 1900 or 000 in an emergency ONLY situation

Alison, Grant & Doug

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