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October 2012

Friday, October 05, 2012

Welcome to all our new Clifton Views residents we hope you enjoy living at Clifton Views.


Still on a positive note – THANK YOU to all our residents that have been picking up rubbish, picking up cigarette butts, cleaning up areas in their blocks and making sure bikes and scooters are neatly put away and secure out of the way of walking areas.  THANK YOU to all the parents that have been supervising their children in the pool areas AND children’s playground and also those residents making an effort to clean the BBQ’s once used we do appreciate you taking the time to do this and your fellow residents thank you too – THANK YOU!

Also thank you to all the new residents that have taken the time to introduce themselves to their neighbors and are confident to speak to them about any issue they may have – e.g. TV too loud, sitting on balconies late at night when noise travels and keeping people awake, loud music during the day – some residents do not realize that their TV is loud or that their noise travels – everyone needs to live in close proximity and a good relationship between neighbors certainly helps.  Please do not call us out for neighbor issues as mentioned above.  If a loud boisterous party is happening please call Smithfield Police and also report the incident to us so we can take further action on the residents involved.  Smithfield Police Station 4057 1900.



Recently we spent some time on Fitzroy Island – we can HIGHLY recommend a day trip to the Island.  The water is crystal clear, lots of places to snorkel, kayak hire, great walking tracks, easy ferry service – or stay the night, there are a few different options of accommodation to choose from – from camping to suites.  Fitzroy Island is in our own back yard – a beautiful place especially with the beautiful whether we are having.


CCTV Cameras


CCTV cameras are now installed at the front gates and around our office.  Signage is now in place.

Police are aware of the cameras and will be investigating all footage if damage occurs to these areas.

Please remember Clifton Views is not 100% secure – you still need to LOCK your apartments LOCK your cars, DO NOT leave anything valuable in stairwells or unlocked e.g. bikes, scooters.

PLEASE know where your children are at all times, be with them when they are playing outside – ANYONE can follow a car in here and abduct a child or adult!!!  Please don’t think this cannot happen as we see it does happen all too often on the news.  Thank you!



The Receivers have now sold ALL of the remaining apartments in our complex and we only have ONE brand new apartment left to tenant – which means Clifton Views is FULL – we have managed to obtain an extra bin from the Council for the bin room near our office – and will work with the Council to obtain more if we can.  If the EAST end bin is full – (bin room near the tennis court end) please walk up to the bin rooms near our office – DO NOT LEAVE RUBBISH ON THE BIN ROOM FLOOR – if found this will be put back at your doorstep!!!

If you have more than the necessary cars allocated to be in the complex please remove them – unregistered, broken down, not used anymore – we are FULL and when built the complex was built to accommodate enough cars.  Also remember if using your lockup garage for storage and then parking 2 – 3 cars is very unfair.

Thank you for your consideration to your parking arrangements.



Summer is definitely on its way and that means air conditioners.  Tenants are responsible for the foam filters in the front of the air conditioners.  Carefully stand on a small stool or ladder, lift the front of the air conditioner front panel.  The filters just slide out to be washed in your laundry sink and then replaced.  Now is also a good time to replace the two AAA batteries in the a/c remotes.  The cover also slides off these to expose the batteries.

Also please make sure there is a picture of a snowflake on the screen of the a/c remotes – press the mode button until this appears to ensure the air conditioner is in cooling mode.



Line marking for blocks 18, 21, 17, 16, 20 and car parks of block 8 are booked into being done on October 10th.  Please ensure your cars are not parked in their cars pace – we will be putting out a reminder letter to those residents.

Rocks in and around stairwells will be refilled – commencing in October – please remember these rocks are not for throwing or removing and appreciate your efforts to keep them there!

We have organized another tradesperson to come and quote for the creek maintenance – the original tradesperson has now withdrawn their services.  Please stay away from the creek at all times, there is still water in the creek and of course there are snakes as well.

Speaking of snakes – we have a new resident in our complex that is a qualified snake catcher – if you see a snake – please call Paul on 0457404750.  If you cannot get hold of Paul please call us.




We are not sure why someone feels the need to drop egg shells in the gardens in blocks 2 and 3 – we only have to pick these up – they are not good for the garden and do not help the mulch – so whoever is dropping egg shells please refrain from doing do.


Yes we live in a fantastic part of the country to go fishing – PLEASE if dumping fish into the commercial bins please FREEZE overnight then place in the bins just before the bins are collected – they are usually collected between 10 and 12 most days.  Doug spent hours trying to get the smell out of the bins near the office and we all know we do not want to go into the bin rooms on normal circumstances – so with fish and bait smells we are less likely to go in there to deposit our rubbish!!!

Today we witnessed a child taking rubbish to the bin area and dragging the bag all the way which meant the rubbish bag split and rubbish was everywhere – the bag obviously too heavy for him.


On quite a few occasions we have had to put a fire out in the gardens along Clifton Road.  People walking past or waiting at the bus stop – flick a cigarette and a fire starts in the mulch.  Last week one resident’s car was almost ‘blown up’ – imagine the consequences to our complex if that had happened!

A reminder!!!!  Some residents are not closing their wooden Lanii doors!




Several complaints have been received direct to our Body Corporate Manager – he has written to us and asked us to pass on to all residents that if you are hanging washing in your balcony area please ensure the balcony doors (wooden white doors) are shut at all times so washing cannot be seen from another apartment.

We understand that the rising cost of electricity stops us from using our dryers when we can – we ask you simply to close the Lanii doors (shutters) to your balcony when hanging washing out.

No towels or washing to be hung over any balcony at any time or outside your bedroom on balconies.  Thank you!


The speed limit in this complex is 10klm.  Some people think they are practicing for Bathurst!  If an accident occurs or someone is injured you will be responsible – remember the same road rules that apply outside apply in here – our speed limit is 10klm, drunk driving is an offence.


As you all are aware Body Corporate By-Laws state that all parties/noise is to be turned down at 11.00pm.  If we are called to attend a party or excessive noise after 11.00pm a call out fee of $80 will applyWe encourage you to be able to approach the persons responsible in a calm manner to ask them to turn the noise down.  A CALM MANNER is the best approach – being aggressive and threatening will only fuel the situation.  If you are going to have friends over – let your neighbors know – and after 11.00pm take the party elsewhere or turn it down and go inside and shut the glass sliding doors!  We are all living in close proximity to each other – this is community living and common courtesy is essential when it comes to noise.  Everyone’s tolerance is different.

If necessary call the Police but remember the Police have a very important job and their resources are best used not on noise control!

In our next newsletter we will start preparing you for the wet season and the cyclone season!  Yes it is time to get your emergency kits ready!

Our monthly newsletter is something that we do ourselves at our own cost and our own time – we do this voluntarily.


If you witness any illegal behavior call the Police immediately.

Smithfield Police Station 4057 1900 or 000 in an emergency ONLY situation

Enjoy the sunshine!

Alison, Grant & Doug

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