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November 2012

Friday, November 09, 2012

Welcome to all our new Clifton Views residents we hope you enjoy living at Clifton Views.


We are sure you all know Doug – Caretaker and Night Manager – Doug has been at Clifton Views for the past 2 years and employed by us – Lewis & Pheasant Nominees Pty Ltd.

It is very sad to say that Doug will be leaving Clifton Views and our employment on Friday 16th November 2012.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Doug for his kindness, his dedication, his work ethic, loyalty, patience and tolerance!

We are sure you will all wish Doug well in his new ventures.


Our residents are organising another art exhibition – Saturday 1st December 2012 – 4pm – 8pm.

Please join Meridy and everyone – they do some fantastic work!!  Meridy’s work is also on display in our office.


Is now doing breakfast on Sundays!  8am – 11.30am.  They are also doing a Melbourne Cup luncheon and Christmas Day luncheon – contact them on dine@cliftoncapers.com.au or call 4059 2311 or visit www.cliftoncapers.com .  A copy of their take away menu is attached and we have a full set of their menus in our office – or just wonder down and see them.  Support your local Restaurant.


One of our dedicated residents has placed a Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre collection/donation tin our office.  These volunteers to fantastic work with rehabilitating our turtles that are sick and injured.


Aren’t we lucky!!!  We are in the best place to see the solar eclipse on November 14 – make sure you are up early!!!


We had a visit from the neighbours across the road on Clifton Road – in the houses on the opposite side of our main entrance driveway – they have asked that when ‘some’ residents are leaving could they please slow down and NOT create the noise that is very annoying to them – in particular a dark coloured ute and a motorbike – they just want you to respect their peace and quiet too.  Remember our cameras at the front gates if any incidents occur.


We are contemplating starting a small free book exchange and or toy exchange in the Residents Lounge.  Lewis & Pheasant will donate the first bookcase and a couple of boxes of books.

We need somebody or a couple of people to volunteer maybe an hour or so a week to run the exchange.  Please see the office with expressions of interest or email us on admin@cliftonviewsapartments.com.au  Days, times etc. to be decided and discussed.


The main security gate near the water fountain has now been placed on a timer – it opens from 7am and closes at 5pm – the gates receive a lot of traffic during the day and to avoid ongoing maintenance costs the timer has been put in place - the CCTV cameras are in place and monitored.

Police are aware of the cameras and will be investigating all footage if damage occurs to these areas.

It is still alarming when walking around the complex the amount of lock up garages that are open all day with personal belongings in them – please lock your garages if you want your belongings safe.


New Year’s Eve is coming around very quickly – as per the past 2 years we want to remind everyone that parties after hours will not be tolerated by any resident – if you wish to party hard and long into the night for New Year’s Eve (which is understandable) we encourage you to go elsewhere – you will have a much better time and you will not be disturbing your neighbours and inevitably wasting the Police’s time on one of their busiest nights of the year.  If Police are called this will lead to a certain breach and could also lead to a 7 day notice to leave – in the past previous residents have been issued a notice to leave when Police were involved – this is called objectional behaviour and Residential Tenancy Authority laws state this is ground for a 7 day notice to leave.  Please be considerate of your neighbours and residents that may have to work New Year’s Day or it might be their only day off and want to sleep!!!

When coming home (late at night) and you think it is a great idea to go for a swim – please think again – you will be caught and breached.  If you wish to swim after the by-laws time of 9pm then we suggest you live in a house with a pool – you will not be upsetting anyone else then!!  Please respect your fellow residents.

The by-laws really are common sense – Clifton Views is a very large complex and we need to abide by these laws for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment.



As you can see from our gardens they are really taking shape and our gardeners are working extremely hard to do so – we ask you stay out of the gardens and keep them free of rubbish and cigarette butts.  Please refrain from throwing rocks also.  We work hard to make Clifton Views look great we ask you to help us to maintain our work!


In our gyms there are very large signs that state you MUST wear enclosed shoes when using the equipment.  On numerous occasions we have had to ask people to leave the gyms to put shoes on – this is a health and safety matter.  We are sure if you joined a gym in town that you would be required to wear shoes.


The tennis court has received a new net – we have received complaints that the Tennis Court has become – on occasions – a playground for children – parents locking them in the court – PLEASE do not use the tennis court for this – as the signs say – children must be supervised at all times and the tennis court is for playing tennis ONLY.  Thank you!




We enjoy a wonderful climate and lifestyle in Queensland.  However, natural hazards such as cyclones, storms and flood are an inevitable part of our environment.  History has shown that we cannot afford to be complacent about the dangers they present.


Take time to prepare your home and have your emergency kit up to date and stocked!


  • Ensure your home, contents and car insurance is current and covers your assets adequately – check your policy includes debris clean up and disposal
  • Identify which room is the strongest part of the apartment, in case you need to shelter in your home during severe storm or cyclone.  Usually this would be the smallest room in the apartment, with the least windows
  • Identify where and how to turn off the main supply for water and power, tap and main switch located next to your hot water system


Puchase emergency essentials to have on hand such as:


  • Containers to store drinking water supplies
  • Spare supply of fuel for use in your vehicle (ensure you store safely)
  • Wide masking tape for windows
  • Hessian bags and sand for sandbagging indoor drains to prevent sewerage backwash from flooding and use for ground floor apartments


When weather warnings for cyclone or severe storms are issued:


  • Disconnect electrical appliances and all external television and radio ariels
  • Turn off electricity main supplies if instructed by emergency authorities
  • Secure outdoor furniture and other balcony items
  • Fill buckets and bath with clean water in case of interruptions to main water supply
  • Close windows with shutters or tape windows in a criss-crossing pattern using strong tape and draw blinds/curtains
  • Park vehicles under cover, away from trees, powerlines and waterways
  • If you cannot access undercover shelter for your vehicles, secure with firmly tied blankets to minimise hail damage – severe storms can sometimes bring hail – cyclones don’t usually bring hail
  • Check all household members are safe and are sheltering from the storm or cyclone
  • Listen to your local radio station for updates on the event and further warnings and safety messages




Items to include in your emergency kit:


  • Food and water – range of non-perishable food items  and bottled water
  • Medical and sanitation supplies – First Aid Kit and manual, essential medications, prescriptions and dosage, toilet paper, toothbrush/toothpaste, soap/shampoo, personal hygiene items
  • Light – flashlight/torch with extra batteries, battery powered lantern
  • Communications – battery powered radio and extra batteries, traditional wired telephone, prepaid phone cards and coins for phone calls
  • Clothing and footwear – warm jumper, waterproof jacket, hat and gloves for everyone, closed-toed shoes or boots for everyone
  • Tools and supplies – a whistle, utility knife, duct/masking tape, plastic garbge bags and ties, safety glasses and sun glasses
  • Miscellaneous items – special items for infants (nappies, formula etc), special items needed by elderly or people with special needs, spare house and car keys


Important Documents


Keep original or certified copies of the following documents in your Emergency Kit.  Scan copies of these documents and save on a USB memory stick or CD to include in your kit.  Keep all these items in sealed plastic bags:


  1. Insurance papers for your house and contents, cars and for valuable items
  2. Inventory of valuable household goods
  3. Wills and life insurance documents
  4. House deeds/mortgage documents
  5. Birth and marriage certificates
  6. Passports/visa details
  7. Stocks and bonds
  8. Medicare, pension cards, immunisation records
  9. Bank accout and credit card details
  10. A Back-up copy of important computer files
  11. Emergency contact phone numbers


Also ensure EVERYONE in the house knows where your emergency Kit is kept!!


Please remember Clifton Views is built to a Category 5 cyclone.


Boats and trailers must be parked in your own allocated car spaces – NOT in a visitor’s space – which are the spaces unmarked.  Once again this is in breach of the Body Corporate by-laws and very unfair to residents that cannot find a space.

Unregistered cars left (abandoned or not being used) will be removed and if possible the cost passed onto the residents involved.


Remember to check your air conditioner filters and clean them and replace your remote batteries if needed – summer is really on its way.

The new bins at the bbq areas are not for household rubbish – they are for when residents are using the bbq’s – please don’t be lazy and decide to drop your rubbish in them because they are closer that the bin rooms!!!  Yes this is happening and we ask those concerned not to do this!



Yes we live in a fantastic part of the country to go fishing – PLEASE if dumping fish into the commercial bins please FREEZE overnight then place in the bins just before the bins are collected – they are usually collected between 10 and 12 most days.  Doug spent hours trying to get the smell out of the bins near the office and we all know we do not want to go into the bin rooms on normal circumstances – so with fish and bait smells we are less likely to go in there to deposit our rubbish!!!

Our monthly newsletter is something that we do ourselves at our own cost and our own time – we do this voluntarily.

If you witness any illegal behaviour call the Police immediately.

Smithfield Police Station 4057 1900 or 000 in an emergency ONLY situation

Enjoy the sunshine, Melbourne Cup and the Solar Eclipse!

Alison & Grant

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