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June 2012

Monday, June 04, 2012

Welcome to all our new Clifton Views residents we hope you enjoy living at Clifton Views.


Your local restaurant in walking distance!  Just head toward the beach you can’t miss us!

  • Family run business (Leeny and her mum Jen)
  • New menu, new décor, new staff
  • Take away menus will be available within the next week
  • Trading hours are:  Monday closed, Tuesday to Friday 3pm till late, Saturday and Sunday 11.30am – late (kitchen opens at 5.30pm)
  • Thirsty Thursdays – 2 for 1 cocktails, $5 basic spirits, $4 Aussie beers from 4 – 6pm
  • Sunday Sessions – 2 for 1 cocktails and live music every Sunday from 3 – 6pm

                                                   Great takeaway Pizzas


Lewis & Pheasant Nominees Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for the service received or quality of goods advertised in this newsletter from people/residents and businesses




We have had the sand replaced in the kids play area.

The tiles around the BBQ area near blocks 21 and 22 have been microscopically etched to help prevent slipping!

Line marking in blocks 25, 24, 23, 22 and 19 will start in the second week of June.  In the meantime we will be pressure cleaning all areas for this work to be done – we will communicate with those blocks and car parks involved and will be asking you NOT to park your car in your spaces during this time – we will liaise with you closer to the date but we ask for your full co-operation or this work cannot be completed.  Thank you in advance!

We have been asked to note in our newsletter – some residents are driving into the complex with their car stereo’s blasting at all times of the day and night.  PLEASE be considerate of this disturbance – some of our residents have children sleeping, are on shift work or they are asleep!  Also the speed in which some residents drive through the complex – the speed limit is 10kph – we do have a lot of children in the complex and a lot of cars coming and going.


There has been a delivery around the complex of the new phone books – we did not deliver these – if you do not want one or there are excess books under your letterboxes – could you please either dispose of them into the nearest recycling bin or give them away, or simply remove.


On numerous occasions this month we have had to ask children to leave the gym.  There is a very big sign in the gym that states NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16.  This is a health and safety issue.  Parents please remind your children of this.

Also on quite a few occasions we have been to the gym to find all air conditioners on, all fans on and the TV’s with NO-ONE in there – again there are signs as you are leaving the gym to check that all these items have been switched off – THANK YOU!  Extra costs to the Body Corporate means increased rents to residents – please help us to keep these costs down.


Also please note the gym hours – 6am – 9pm


A CONSTANT REMINDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Please keep all stairwells neat and tidy and all pathways free of bikes, scooters, shoes and rubbish.   PLEASE do not leave rubbish in stairwells outside your door – this is a breach of the very simple body corporate by-laws.

This month we have retrieved from the gardens bags of rubbish containing nappies and all sorts of disgusting items.  Not sure why rubbish has to be such an issue when the Council trucks empty the bins 7 days a week for your convenience – we can only keep asking that ALL rubbish goes into the rubbish bins provided!


As you all are aware Body Corporate By-Laws state that all parties/noise is to be turned down at 11.00pm.  If we are called to attend a party or excessive noise after 11.00pm a call out fee of $80 will apply.  We encourage you to be able to approach the persons responsible in a calm manner to ask them to turn the noise down.  A CALM MANNER is the best approach – being aggressive and threatening will only fuel the situation.  If you are going to have friends over – let your neighbors know – and after 11.00pm maybe take the

party elsewhere or turn it down and go inside and shut the glass sliding doors!  We are all living in close proximity to each other – this is community living and common courtesy is essential when it comes to noise.  Everyone’s tolerance is different.

If necessary call the Police but remember the Police have a very important job and their resources are best used not on noise control!


As there is now an increase in Residents at Clifton Views parking will be an issue.  Can we strongly ask you to:

  1. Park in your own garage or allocated car space – NOT in someone else’s car space even if you think the apartment is empty or they are away – you are also responsible for your family and friends where they park!
  2. DO NOT park in front of the DO NOT PARK signs which are near the fire hydrants
  3. Do not park in front of your garage – double parked
  4. If you have 3 – 4 cars please be considerate to others that have 1 or 2 cars and that want to be able to have their visitors park in the visitors car spaces

We are not here to sort out parking complaints – pretty much common sense and courtesy to your neighbors – thank you.


No clothes or towels or any items are to be hung on any balconies at any time – this is in the by-laws.  This includes clothes airer’s on bedroom balconies.


Your unit will have 3 or 4 air conditioner remote controls.  These remotes occasionally need battery replacement. As a tenant this is your responsibility.  The batteries needed are 2 X AAA per remote. They can be changed by sliding the remote open and pulling the slide completely off.  Please change the batteries yearly as old batteries, even with charge, tend to leak and damage the remote.

Our office hours are changing slightly – we will now be closing at 5pm Tuesday to Friday.

Monday still closed at this stage.

Our mobile number is for EMERGENCIES ONLY after hours – for example – your hot water system blows up.  Not if your dishwasher won’t go through the full cycle – if you rent through us please let us know your maintenance issues the next day, send us an email or go to our website and complete the maintenance form provided for you.  We can then organize the appropriate tradespeople for you.

TOILETS – if you need to flush your toilet on full flush please flush twice – the cisterns are very small – we have had a lot of toilets block recently and by flushing twice will alleviate this problem.

For our new residents – our newsletter is an informative way to keep you all up to date on what is happening around the complex and a reminder of the very basic and common sense body corporate by-laws!  We have to repeat our by-laws often – Clifton Views will always have new residents and some of our current residents need reminding!!  If you wish to advertising anything in our newsletter please let us know, our office hours are on our front door or you may email us on admin@cliftonviewsapartments.com.au

Our monthly newsletter is something that we do ourselves at our own cost and our own time – we do this voluntarily.


If you witness any illegal behavior call the Police immediately.

Smithfield Police Station 4057 1900 or 000 in an emergency ONLY situation


Have a fantastic month of June everyone!

Alison, Grant & Doug


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