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Xmas - New Year 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed your friends and family!

It really disappoints us to write this notice.  We know this is the silly season but it seems common sense and respect has really gone out the window!

Please let us remind you of a few very simple by-laws and we hope you pass them onto your family and friends that will be visiting you over this holiday time:

  1. NO ALCOHOL OR GLASS IN THE POOL AREAS AT ALL AT ANY TIMES – this includes your visitors/family – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR BEHAVIOUR AT ALL TIMES – and if they are using the facilities then you must be with them – if not they will be asked to leave the pool/s – ANY broken glass in and around the pools means the pools will be closed for up to 3 weeks while the pool is emptied, cleaned and refilled – this cost will be passed onto those responsible (this is written into the by-laws)
  2. CHILDREN MUST WEAR THE APPROPRIATE SWIMMWEAR – if not they and the parent/supervisors will be asked to leave the pool/s – 3 times now we have been called out to remove unwanted matter in the pools – this is a very costly exercise to the Body Corporate and of course a HUGE inconvenience to fellow residents
  3. Children under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times – parents must be IN THE POOL ENCLOSURES – not sitting on your balconies and not in the BBQ areas with the pool gates propped open!  Again we will be asking the children and parents to leave the pool/s.
  4. PARKING – Park in your own allocated car space or advise your guests of the visitor parking – NOT IN FRONT OF THE FIRE HYDRANTS AT ANY TIME or in anyone else’s allocated car space
  5. Noise and quiet enjoyment to others – if having friends or family over (enjoying your balcony) when it gets to 10pm – please take them inside and close your glass sliding doors – noise travels in this complex and too many times we are being called out to shut down this behaviour – breach notices will be issued and notices to leave if necessary – in future if we are called out after 10pm an $80 call out fee will apply to the persons responsible for the disruption – we also encourage our residents to approach the persons responsible and ask them in a mature/polite manner to turn it down – if this doesn’t work please call the Police if there is loud and drunken behaviour (Smithfield Police on 4057 1900), our mobile 0488 553 109 – please decide who should be called

We ask all permanent residents of Clifton Views to help us police the above by-laws.  Without your help we cannot keep the pool areas clean and respectable so the pools are open at all times during the pool operating hours – 6am – 9pm – anyone caught in the pools after these hours will be removed and breached – if they are a guest of yours then you as the resident will be breached.

Please – if you see any of this disrespectful behaviour call us on 0488 553 109 (whilst it is occurring) and or ask the people involved to refrain from doing so – you have every right as a permanent resident – if this disgraceful behaviour continues we and the Body Corporate will have no alternative but to  close the pools until further notice.

If you see any of this disrespectful behaviour and tell us the next day then there is not a great deal we can do about it and the people/persons responsible get away with it again!  We now have no alternative but to approach the Body Corporate to install CCTV cameras at the pool areas and will be obtaining quotes to do so.

REMEMBER NEW YEARS EVE – if you want to party – take it elsewhere as noise, drinking in pools, swimming in the pools after 9pm will not be tolerated and security/police will be involved.

If you do not like abiding by these simple by-laws then complex living is not for you – you will be happier in a house.

We also have had recently people covering the sensor at the main gate – to keep the gate open – this may or may not be one of our residents – please if you see someone doing this please let us know immediately – we did catch this incident on CCTV – any costs involved in damage to the motors in the gates or fuses will be passed on to the people responsible if we can.

We cannot keep Clifton Views as safe as we can if people do not respect the security provided and look out for each other.  Your fellow residents will thank you.

We have also had an incident recently of a child and parent/supervisor wading/swimming in the fountain – this is not a pool – there are 4 very nice pools to choose from!

LOCK OUTS – if we are here we can help you in reasonable hours – after 7am and before 7pm.  If we are not onsite then we cannot help you and will not make a special trip back to unlock doors for you.  The locksmith to call is Troy Cummings on 4035 4308 – this information is also on the notice board – a call out fee paid direct to Troy Cummings will be charged.

If you rent through another agent then you must contact your agent or the above locksmith and a call out fee will apply.  Please do not contact us we cannot help you.

Remember to have your emergency kits ready and all important documents safe and that all the family know what to do in case of an emergency.

We do wish to thank those residents that do take pride in where they live and do help us to continually enforce our very simple by-laws – you certainly do make a difference to the day to day running of the complex with so many people living in here – thank you!

Happy New Year to all – bring on 2013!



Management and Body Corporate

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