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January 2012

Thursday, January 05, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to all our new Clifton Views Residents – if you would like to advertise your business or item for sale through our newsletter please let us know.

Our monthly newsletter is something that we do ourselves at our own cost and our own time – we do this voluntarily, we feel newsletters can create a community feel and they are definitely a reminder to all Residents of the very simple, common sense By-Laws.  Clifton Views is one of the largest complexes in FNQ and without these By-Laws in place the complex would be practically unmanageable.  We can have at times, a high turnover of residents so these By-Laws need to be reminded to all Residents constantly.

Thank you to all our residents that do help us keep Clifton Views tidy, safe and quiet!

There will be no newsletter for February and maybe March 2012 – Grant and I will be taking a holiday from 3rd February returning on 29th February 2012.  Carl and Denise will be the on-site managers during this time and of course Doug will be here as well.  Doug will be taking a well-deserved holiday in April 2012.

Carl and Denise are experienced managers and will be here to help you – same office hours, same everything – all By-Laws still apply!!!!

NO SMOKING IN THE POOL AREA signs have now been put into place – we have discovered that a person has used one of our new pool lounge chairs as an ashtray and put their cigarette out on the chair which of course has damaged the chair.

We have placed SMOKING BINS at the BBQ areas - we and other residents would appreciate it if you could use them.  The ground and or chairs are not an ashtray!


The Body Corporate By-Laws state that if children are under 12 they need to be supervised by an adult at all times, this does not mean by parents sitting on balconies watching or in BBQ areas watching – you must be in the pool enclosure with the children.

The figure heads in the pool areas are not for children to climb on and jump off – please re-frain children from doing so, also throwing the stones into the pool plus hands full of mud pies and dirt!


We have received a number of complaints recently of people bagging their rubbish, leaving it outside their doors for a length of time – in this heat this is very unpleasant – the By-Laws state NO rubbish to be left in stairwells or any common area at any times.  Please be considerate of your neighbors – if you don’t want the rubbish inside your apartment we don’t want it outside of your apartment!


If you have a notice to put out or flyer please do so on the notice board now in place near the vending machine.  Although someone has taken the pins off the board for their own use!

Flyers and notices left on top of peoples letterboxes just turn into rubbish on the ground.  We ask you do not put these notices on top of letterboxes.

Also if you receive mail that isn’t for you please either ‘return to sender’ and take to the post office next time you go or throw the mail away – your choice.  Leaving the mail on top of the letterboxes again turns into rubbish on the ground – the mail man will not take it either.  Thank you!


As there is now an increase in Residents at Clifton Views parking will be an issue.  Can we strongly ask you to:

  1. Park in your own garage or allocated car space – NOT in someone else’s car space even if you think the apartment is empty or they are away
  2. DO NOT park in front of the DO NOT PARK signs which are near the fire hydrants
  3. Do not park in front of your garage – double parked
  4. If you have 3 – 4 cars please be considerate to others that have 1 or 2 and that want to be able to have their visitors park in the visitors car spaces

We are not here to sort out parking complaints – pretty much common sense and courtesy to your neighbors – thank you.





1300 659 219 – QLD Land Weather and Flood Warnings

We will prepare you as best we can – just like we did last year – we will issue notices under your doors and always keep in contact with you BUT you all have to prepare for the upcoming wet season and cyclone season too.

The above websites and telephone number will help you.

Please be assured that Clifton Views is built to a Category 5 Cyclone – you will be safe in your apartments BUT you will need to remove all furniture and items from balconies and lock up tight!  Do not go out into the Cyclone – the eye is quite dangerous and the Cyclone has not finished.

Make sure you have batteries for a radio so you can keep updated by the local radio stations.

Your emergency kits - Include items you will need for at least three days in case of disruption to essential services such as power and water supplies.  Also include the equipment you will need to prepare meals with no power. 

  • Fresh water for three days
  • Three days’ worth of non-perishable food and can opener (do your shopping now don’t wait until the cyclone is about to hit!
  • First aid kit
  • Portable radio
  • Torch
  • Sturdy gloves
  • Spare batteries for radio, torch and mobile phone
  • Essential medication
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Important documents in sealed bags + cash
  • Baby formula + nappies
  • Waterproof bags
  • Toiletries

For those residents on the ground floor, especially near the creek – it will be in your best interests to contact your local SES and obtain sand bags – please do not leave this until the last minute.  This is your responsibility to prepare for flash flooding.  There is nothing we can do about the creek at midnight!  Thank you for preparing for this.




The garbage rooms are for garbage – NOT household items such as furniture and or white goods – ALSO not for Coles shopping trolleys – you walk it here you walk it back next time you go or call Coles yourselves to have them picked up!


When moving in or out PLEASE break down all boxes so they fit in bins with room for everyone else’s rubbish!


Parents – please make sure when sending the kids to the bin rooms they can reach the bins – rubbish is being left on the ground and thrown – we have had rats, birds and it is snake season – PLEASE be considerate to your fellow residents.  Also too many times we have seen children running into the bin rooms near our office only to run straight back out without looking for cars – there has been some near misses!




The Body Corporate have advised that in the new year a contractor will be engaged to clear the creek – in the mean-time please stay out of the creek as it is still very much the snake season!  We had to call the snake catcher again a few weeks ago to a very comfortable snake in one of our stairwells.  Be careful!



We understand that some of you will want to see the New Year in with a bang!  As mentioned before if having a party please advise your neighbors.   After midnight – take the party inside, shut the doors and turn the music off!  OR party at your friends place – you will have a much better time!  Pools will be locked at 9.30pm – anyone caught swimming in the pools after this time will be breached, no exceptions, no excuses.  Any noise after midnight – residents involved will be breached.  Not everyone has holidays and time off – some still have to work and wish to get a good nights’ sleep – a lot of people have children – they need their sleep too!

If you witness any illegal behavior or are being disturbed after a reasonable hour please call the Police immediately.  Smithfield Police Station 4057 1900


Alison, Grant & Doug

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