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August 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hi everyone – and welcome to all our new residents, we hope you enjoy living at Clifton Views.


We do our newsletter as a constant reminder to everyone and to ensure our new residents are aware of a few simple by-laws and procedures so a Complex of this size is very comfortable for everyone to live in and everyone respects their fellow residents.  Also to confirm to everyone what role we play as the Managers of this Complex.


We have a fairly regular turnover of residents in our large complex and our newsletter is a great way to communicate to everyone!




  1. We have purchased the Management Rights from the Developer almost 12 months ago – we have invested a considerable amount of money into this business and own an apartment in Clifton Views, we intend to do the best we can to make sure that all residents enjoy their time here at Clifton Views and that you will continue to want to live here because it is ‘a great place to live’.  We also need your co-operation
  2. All Body Corporate by-laws will be enforced to all residents, they are very simple and we believe ‘common sense’ – if residents breach these by-laws breach notices will be issued – the by-laws are there for a reason and for the safety and comfort of all residents – if you rent through another Agent your Agent will be contacted and asked to take further action on your behaviour
  3. We are here to make sure the Complex is clean and tidy, gardens are maintained and to initiate (along with the Body Corporate Committee) a safe and secure Complex – we have a Caretaking Agreement we work to each and every day – duties too long to list!  Not everything can happen overnight – any expenditure to the complex needs to go through the Body Corporate at all times and this can take time and can also be rejected – they too have budgets to work to
  4. We are here for you all as a point of contact
  5. We also hold a full Real Estate License and have the majority of apartments in our letting pool within Clifton Views – (approx. 50 apartments are still for sale now with the Receivers) we can also sell apartments for owners if they wish to do so




Doug is our Night Manager and lives on-site – Doug is here to take control of any emergency situations that may arise outside of our office hours.  Doug will be enforcing the by-laws during this time, also during his ‘walk around’ during the evenings. Doug also works during the day to help us with our Caretaking duties.  Doug is NOT here to sort our domestic disputes, to be called at 1.00am to say could he go and see your neighbor because they are talking too loud on their mobile phone on their balcony!! These are issues you can calmly address yourselves, aggression will get you nowhere!   Please also refrain from telling Doug if you have maintenance issues in your apartment – please see us in the office.  Thank you!  Doug’s apartment is also a PRIVATE apartment – if you need Doug in an emergency situation please call him on 0488 553 109 or call 000 (see below)



Our office hours are clearly advertised on our door.


Our office is not a business center – if you require photocopying and or faxes sent there will be a charge involved.




Police link  131444 
(free call from home phone) - To report a crime that has already occurred and you do not know the offender. For example break and enters, stolen or damage to vehicle or property.  They will take the report immediately and give a crime report number which can then be used when contacting your insurance company. They also arrange forensics to attend for fingerprints and photos.  

Smithfield Police Station 4057 1900 - To report if anything is occurring at the time of the phone call (assaults, noise complaints, domestic violence, disturbances, hooning, people behaving suspiciously). If it is after hours it automatically connects to the Police Communications Center who will detail a crew to attend, depending on priority of other jobs.

000 Emergency - If something is happening or is about to happen that will cause serious injury or death to any person.   It is an offence to call 000 for non life-threatening matters.

Crime Stoppers  1800333000  (free call)  To report anonymously information about people or suspicious behavior that may be criminal in nature For example Drug activity, selling of stolen goods, identifying wanted persons.



Our new website is now live – you will be able to register as an owner or tenant, view information, down load RTA forms, log maintenance, view what is for rent and for sale.   www.cliftonviews.com.au




If you pay your rent to another agency other than us – Lewis & Pheasant Nominees Pty Ltd – please do not contact us to let you in if you lock yourself out – we ask you do not put us in that position to have to say no!  Legally we cannot do so unless in a life threatening situation.  Please contact your agency to find out their lock out procedures.


If a Locksmith has to be called – please call Troy Cummins Locksmiths 4035 4308 during business hours and 0419 767 313 after hours – all charges will be at the callers expense.


The same goes for any maintenance in your apartments, purchase or repairs to security gate remotes and garage remotes – we cannot help you – you need to contact your agent direct for any assistance.  Thank you!


All residents that pay their rent through our office, please call us during office hours or come and see us in the office for any maintenance, problems with security gate and garage remotes or any queries regarding your lease.  Our new website is up and running and you can contact us through the website with any maintenance issues or questions www.cliftonviews.com.au or email us on admin@cliftonviewsapartments.com.au  To all Lewis & Pheasant Nominees Pty Ltd residents, if you lock yourself out after 8.00pm and before 6.00am there will be a call out fee of $50.00 for our Night Manager to do so.  Or again please call Troy Cummins Locksmiths.  This cost will be yours.


We hope you all respect our position and that we can all work together!  If you have any questions please come and see us in the office or visit our website.




Residents have advised us of non-Clifton Views Residents using the tennis court.  We have a quote in with the Body Corporate to obtain a gate locking system for the tennis court.  It will most likely be a system that allows you to enter the tennis court with your front door key and lock automatically when you leave.  We will keep you posted on the outcome!




NO PETS AT ALL ARE TO BE MINDED AND OR KEPT IN ANY APARTMENTS – not unless previously authorized by the Body Corporate Committee.  If pets are found on the premises without permission you will be asked to remove them immediately.   




If sending the kids to put the rubbish out please be mindful that they can reach the bin lids to open them.   Or are able to throw into the bin that is open – too much rubbish is being left on the bin floor especially in Stage 1 (blocks 23, 24 and 25).  If this continues rubbish will be put back at your door if it can be identified.


RUBBISH (again!!)


There still seems to be an enormous amount of rubbish left in gardens, grassed areas and footpaths.  Remember the old saying – ‘DO THE RIGHT THING’ – thank you!  We cannot stress to you how much work this creates for Doug and ourselves.  To the offenders please have some respect for where you live.




Both gates are now operational – please note the main gate near the office – the button you could push to open the gates from inside does not work in conjunction with the new system.  This cannot be used and will not be re-activated.

If you wish to purchase a new gate remote, replace a stolen or lost/damaged remote the cost is $50 – when you return your gate remote to us – in good working condition when vacating the property we will refund you $15 (again this only applies to Lewis & Pheasant Nominees Pty Ltd tenants).  If your gate remote is not returned when vacating you will be charged $50 to replace it.  Owners of the apartments are to provide ONE per apartment and have paid for that particular remote.  Again if you rent through an outside Agent please contact them direct regarding these remotes.

The batteries required to operate these remotes are A23 and you can buy them at Coles or any Supermarket/outlet that sells batteries.  We do have some in the office if you wish to purchase them from here.  You may find because you haven’t used them for quite a few weeks you will need new batteries.



As most of you have discovered we have a new vending machine located outside our office.  Lots of goodies to choose from!

This machine is independently run.  We do not stock the machine, we do not carry change for the machine and we cannot fix the machine – if your coins get stuck or you don’t get your item you need to call the number on the machine.    Thank you and enjoy!


We have finally found a tradesperson that can fix the intercoms – these will be fixed in the next 3 – 4 weeks after new parts have been ordered and received and expenditure approved by the Body Corporate.

The intercoms work through your home phone line even though you do not need to have the phone connected – if you do not have a home phone and wish to use the intercom system you will need to purchase a push button phone from Kmart or Dick Smith or any where that sells home phones.

Some exciting menu additions are coming to Ellis Beach Bar & Grill
this month! Don’t worry nothing is coming off the menu, just
adding to it, so pop out this month to let your taste buds do the judging!

We have the whole month of August packed with Live Entertainment.
All Entertainment on Saturday’s start at 6pm and Sunday’s 2pm.
The line-up for August includes Michelle, Gibby, Steve Rockman, Jules Bowls,
Paul Brennon and a local young lady with an inspiring voice… Jacynta lee.

For all your functions, special events, bookings & more info Call 07405 53534
Like us on Facebook or visit our website: www.ellisbeach.yolasite.com

If you wish to advertise or sell something through our newsletter please email us at admin@cliftonviewsapartments.com.au or drop us a note into the office. 

Alison, Grant & Doug

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