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April 2012

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Welcome to all our new Clifton Views residents we hope you enjoy living at Clifton Views.

Thank you to all our residents that do help us keep Clifton Views tidy, safe and quiet!


Our Residents Art Exhibition that was held during March was another huge success – congratulations to all residents that participated you are all extremely talented – we have some paintings in our office for sale – next time you are passing come on in and have a look – they are fantastic.

Stand up Paddleboard Far North Queensland (SUP FNQ)

Stand up Paddleboard Far North Queensland's website is now live!!


Once the stingers are gone we will be having a special launch day, kids paddle for free day and we hope you all can attend!

Bookings are essential as we have limited boards for now, but will be giving demonstrations and lessons all day.  Flyers, brochures and cards are in the process and we plan on keeping everyone up to date with our events.  Once we have secured a date for a launch day we will let you all know – or give us a call if you have any further enquiries!!

Chris or Kate on 0401 381 902 or visit us at Unit 1501 after 4.00pm.

Bookings essential

Heaps of fun and an easy way to enjoy fitness and the great outdoors!

Clifton Views resident, Chubba Sreder, is a graphic designer with an appreciation for style and a desire to present a different face of Cairns.  During the previous months he has set to work with the intention of collecting the most unique letterboxes of our tropical city.  In 2012 he is sharing a new photo of a letterbox every day throughout the whole year.  If you are interested, check back every day and join the 365CAIRNS project on Facebook or Twitter."

Thinking of moving – let us quote for you!


Maria Stretton & Alison Sherwood

0407 046 633


Bond cleaning and steam cleaning of carpets and furniture


0439 325530



Clifton Views has grown to the size of a small village and we want to get to know our fellow “villagers”  So let’s meet up for a VERY INFORMAL get together – kids, flat mates, partners, husband and wives – all members of our Clifton Views family on:

Sunday 6th May 2012


BBQ area nearest to the Residents Lounge (block 6)

BYO chair, something to drink and nibble on, toys for the kids!

Look forward to meeting you all

Ash and Sean McGinn Unit 802

Lewis & Pheasant Nominees Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for the service received or quality of goods advertised in this newsletter from people/residents and businesses



Please keep all stairwells neat and tidy and all pathways free of bikes, scooters, shoes and rubbish – thank you.

If you receive mail that isn’t for you please do not leave on top of the letterboxes, Australia Post will not remove – the mail becomes rubbish!  Please either return to the post office or dispose of the mail.



If you would like another remote and you pay your rent to us or are an on-site owner, please come to our office to purchase - $55.00 per remote, we will issue you with a receipt – if you misplace your remote you will need to replace the remote before you vacate – you may do this through us as well.  We will refund $15 when you vacate for any extra remotes purchased as long as they are undamaged and in good working condition.

If you require batteries for your remote – you can purchase them at Bunnings or Coles or if we have them in the office you may purchase them from us.  Blue remotes use Battery A23 and Silver remotes use A27.


As mentioned in the last 3 – 4 newsletters – if you need the SES please call them direct – if you want sandbags please contact the SES – we will not be providing these or issuing them or storing them for future use.  Please support the SES when you can they do a wonderful job!

Call the SES on 132 500

During the last week with all the rain block 19 came close to having water damage and the SES was called – we will be working with the Body Corporate to build a bigger ‘wall’ on the creek side to try to alleviate future flooding – it is the Body Corporate’s decision as to the progress of this – we will certainly be supporting and recommending future improvements.


If you wish to use our fax or photocopier and or print documents there will be a fee for this – alternatively you may do this at the Clifton Village Post Office.



One of our law enforcement residents has given us some very good advice.  The road rules that apply outside of this complex ALSO apply inside of this complex – this means ALL residents and children must wear safety gear when riding bikes and or scooters at all times and all residents should adhere to the speed limit inside the complex which is 10kph.  It really is frightening the lack of attention people pay when driving through the complex, going around the roundabout and children without safety gear.






As you all are aware Body Corporate By-Laws state that all parties/noise is to be turned down at 11.00pm.  If we are called to attend a party or excessive noise after 11.00pm a call out fee of $80 will apply.  We encourage you to be able to approach the persons responsible in a calm manner to ask them to turn the noise down.  A CALM MANNER is the best approach – being aggressive and threatening will only fuel the situation.  If you are going to have friends over – let your neighbors know – and after 11.00pm maybe take the party elsewhere or inside and close your Lanai!  We are all living in close proximity to each other – that is community living and common courtesy is essential when it comes to noise.  Everyone’s tolerance is different.

If necessary call the Police but remember the Police have a very important job and their resources are best used not on noise control!


As there is now an increase in Residents at Clifton Views parking will be an issue.  Can we strongly ask you to:

  1. Park in your own garage or allocated car space – NOT in someone else’s car space even if you think the apartment is empty or they are away
  2. DO NOT park in front of the DO NOT PARK signs which are near the fire hydrants
  3. Do not park in front of your garage – double parked
  4. If you have 3 – 4 cars please be considerate to others that have 1 or 2 and that want to be able to have their visitors park in the visitors car spaces

We are not here to sort out parking complaints – pretty much common sense and courtesy to your neighbors – thank you.


Please make sure you are still very careful during this wet season and DO NOT go anywhere near the creek.  Thank you!


In April and after the wet has finished we will be pressure cleaning all the stairwells – set to start on 16th April 2012.  We will then be pressure cleaning the pathways, figure heads, Buddha’s and areas around the pools.  This will make the complex shine after the wet for our beautiful winter months!

We are also obtaining quotes to have new line marking – car parking areas, car parking numbers etc. in Stage 1.

We have a quote in for security camera’s that will be decided on at the Annual General Meeting in approximately May 2012.

As we have had a late wet season and extremely wet past few weeks we will be playing catch up with the gardens and mowing.

We have also discovered quite a few building leaks – we can organize tradespeople once we have had a few consecutive dry days.



The garbage rooms are for garbage – NOT household items such as furniture and or white goods or TV’s – ALSO not for Coles shopping trolleys – you walk it here you walk it back next time you go or call Coles yourselves to have them picked up!




When moving in or out PLEASE break down all boxes so they fit in bins with room for everyone else’s rubbish!


Parents – please make sure when sending the kids to the bin rooms they can reach the bins – rubbish is being left on the ground and thrown – we have had rats, birds and it is snake season – PLEASE be considerate to your fellow residents.  Also too many times we have seen children running into the bin rooms near our office only to run straight back out without looking for cars – there have been some near misses!

For our new residents – our newsletter is an informative way to keep you all up to date on what is happening around the complex and a reminder of the very basic and common sense body corporate by-laws!  If you wish to advertising anything in our newsletter please let us know, our office hours are on our front door or you may email us on admin@cliftonviewsapartments.com.au

Our monthly newsletter is something that we do ourselves at our own cost and our own time – we do this voluntarily.


If you witness any illegal behavior call the Police immediately.

Smithfield Police Station 4057 1900 or 000 in an emergency ONLY situation


We will be closed over the Easter period


Alison, Grant & Doug

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