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April 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hi everyone – and welcome to all our new residents, we hope you enjoy living at Clifton Views.




As mentioned in our last newsletter – the security gates are both broken and the Body Corporate cannot approve the maintenance because it is an insurance claim.  We have been in touch with the Insurer’s and of course the amount of claims with them at the moment is huge due to weather and the recent cyclone – we hope to have an answer ASAP and as soon as the approval has been given the gates will be fixed.


We ask that you help us to maintain some sort of security in Clifton Views, look out for your neighbours and lock your cars and apartments.  Security still come through 7 nights per week 3 times per night and are aware of our situation with the gates.


If you see anything suspicious please call us and or the Police – if you see someone’s apartment or car being broken into call 000 – if you are witnessing domestic violence please call 000.


With the gates open some residents have reported NON-residents using our pools – if you believe this is happening or see someone at the pools that do not live here please call us immediately and we will remove them – any time of day or night.


AFTER HOURS NUMBER – 0488 553 109


Please remember our after hours mobile number is for emergencies ONLY – we do encourage you to call us if you see someone or persons breaching our body corporate by-laws e.g. swimming in the pools after hours, drinking in the pools, loud party/noise after 11.00am, parking across your carspace and or garage etc.  We can sort these problems out immediately.  If it isn’t an emergency or a breach of by-laws please wait until the next day to talk to us or call the office number 4059 0095 and leave a message and we will return your call when we open the office the next day – thank you!




A few residents have their own opinions of the Body Corporate by-laws – we do not make these laws, these laws are set with the Developer and Owners of the apartments and once formed they are set.  Each apartment complex has their own set of by-laws, some very similar, some differ slightly.  Our job is to make sure ALL residents abide by them.  Please do not challenge us on them.  They are simple and designed so that a very large complex like Clifton Views is a comfortable place to live – residents are asked to abide by these simple by-laws so all are happy living here.  If you do not wish to live by simple by-laws maybe a house is a better option for you.  Your own pool where you can enjoy a drink and take your glass, your own car parks - park where you want, leave your rubbish at your front door without it annoying anyone else.  We think you know what we mean.


The majority of you enjoy the by-laws because they do provide comfortable living.




The Body Corporate Annual General Meeting will be held in the next 2 months.  This is for owners and the Body Corporate Committee (only) to decide on pending quotes we have given to our Body Corporate Manager and any other issues to discuss.   Any amount we wish to spend of Body Corporate money needs to be voted on by the Committee and any large amounts need to be looked at by the Committee, discussed and voted on.  As in any business the Body Corporate have budgets and held accoutable to stay within those budgets.  Not every item will be approved, some may need to wait.


For approval at the AGM:


  1. Security Cameras
  2. New pool furniture
  3. Shade for all pools and childrens play ground
  4. New gate system
  5. Cleaning of gutters
  6. Pressure cleaning


This brings us to the question of security cameras – some of you have voiced your concern re the cameras.  There is NO legal reasons the Body Corporate cannot install cameras in this complex.  Do you walk into Kmart, Coles, Woolworths or any shopping centre, nightclub and or carpark and ask not to be filmed?  These cameras will be installed to help the Police in any theft or incident that may occur at Clifton Views, help the Body Corporate pass on any costs to the persons responsible for glass being broken in pool areas or excess rubbish at bbq’s or pool areas.  There are many complexes in Queensland with security cameras.


We will not be sitting 24/7 watching these cameras we have better things to do – if you feel your privacy if being invaded at the pools then you may have something to hide.




We continue to find tenants with pets – these pets are NOT approved and highly likely not to be approved.  Surely it cannot be pleasurable to enjoy your pet if you have to hide it, move it when we do inspections, not let it run outside like a normal pet.  Please consider the owner of the apartment – this is a breach of your lease and the by-laws, you will be breached and either asked to vacate or remove the pet immediately.  If you wish to have or keep your pet maybe a house will be more suitable.



Relax with a FREE massage


My name is Natasha and I live at Clifton Views.  I am currently studying Massage Therapy and seeking female volunteers for relaxation, pregnancy and deep tissue massage.

Please call on 0459 228 190 to arrange an appointment!


For all your Scrap booking and Card making supplies.

Workshops/Demonstrations/Tutorials and advice

Contact me Michelle, I live @ Clifton Views too!

Happy to help you with any of your projects

New Mini Catalogue out the 1st of April 2011

My email is michelleldavis@bigpond.com

Website www.happystampers.stampinup.net

Mobile 0417161402

Easiest way is to send me a quick email and I can call you back.

Looking forward to meeting you







It is time that you receive the same attention and are protected in the event of an accident.

What would happen to your business if an accident forced you to take time off?


  • Personal Accident Coverage
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Coverage available from 1st day, 15th day or 31st day of disability
  • Protection at home, work and leisure time
  • Combined also provides a lump-sum family cover with all dependant children under 18 years of age covered FREE.

Combined Insurance has been covering Australian families for 50 years.

Plan for the unpredictable

For a free no obligation consultation, please contact

Cameron Beard

0432 822 501

Mon – Sat 08:00 – 21:30

Located at Clifton View Apartments

Lewis & Pheasant Nominees Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for the service received or quality of goods advertised in this newsletter from people/residents and businesses


As the cyclone season is drawing to a close it is time to remove the tape some residents still have on windows – the longer you leave it the harder it is to remove – Bunnings is great for a product called De Solve it.

If you wish to advertise or sell something through our newsletter please email us at admin@cliftonviewsapartments.com.au or drop us a note into the office.

Our office hours have changed slightly – we are now open Tuesday to Friday 9.00am to 12noon then 2.30pm – 5.30pm.  Saturday 9.00am – 12noon, Sunday and Monday closed.


After hours emergencies 0488 553 109

Easter is this month – coinciding with Anzac Day – we will be closed all public holidays including Easter Saturday and Easter Tuesday as Anzac Day is on Easter Monday – enjoy your Easter eggs and if traveling – stay safe!

Alison, Grant & Doug
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